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Your are here: Blumax Products > Chargers > ET Battery Multicharger
ET Battery Multicharger
Art.-No.: 90204
Art.- List for Plates Download, pdf
ET-Multicharger user Manual  
ET-Multicharger user Manual
ET-Multicharger Accessories  
ET-Multicharger Description

Power Input: DC 12-24V
Power Output: DC 8.4V
Charging currency: 600mA (MAX)

With replaceable plate for all models of Sony, JVC, Panasonic, etc.
With main charger and car charger:

AC power supply:
Power Input: AC 100-240V
Power Output: DC 12.0V, 1A, 12W

• Car charger adaptor:
Power Input: DC 12-24V
Power Output: DC 4.2-12V

Dimensions: 106.5 x 67 x 34mm


  • Plug the AC power adapter in a wall outlet.
  • Connect the AC power adapter supplied with your char-ger to the DC in-jack.
  • “STATUS“ LED indicator shows RED when the charger is ready and
    “CHARGE“ LED indicator shows flashing GREEN when waiting for battery pack.
    Slide battery pack into the Charger and “CHARGE“ LED indicator turns RED when charging.
  • “CHARGE“ indicator flashes RED and GREEN alternatively when battery pack has been charged to over 90%.
  • When the battery pack is fully charged, the “CHARGE“ LED indicator turns steady green.
  • After the battery pack fully charged slide the battery pack out.
  • Unplug power, “CHARGE“ and “STATUS“ indicator go out.


  • Charge at room temperature
  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Clean up the terminals with a soft cloth if soiled
  • Unplug AC power adapter when not in use

Caution & Warning:

Do not expose the product to fire, water or moisture
Do not use AC power adapter other than specified by manufacturer

While charging the battery pack, “STATUS“ and “CHARGE“ LED indicators will
not light if the AC power adapter is not connected properly


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